What do I buy my favorite stoner?

OR what do I buy for me? I’ve been good, I deserve to treat myself. If you’ve reached a milestone or personal goal don’t forget to celebrate you. Treat yourself to your favorite takeout, or buy yourself something you’ve had your eye on, or just take an evening to relax by yourself in the bathtub with some of your fav tunes and lil cannabis. You totally deserve it. Good job.

If you continue to scroll down, you do get past things that are fun and silly and will eventually hit straight up useful things if you’re in to that kind of gifting.

Before we get rolling on that, there is a fun article you might want to peruse. As Canadians we can’t get most of these products but if you’re American and in a legal state you’re in luck. I bring you:

Straight up fun stuff

Transformer tubes also go by BYOTubes = Build you own Bong. It’s bong Lego guys. What’s fun about this is even if you already have enough pieces, you can always use more to play around with. Click on the button above and it’ll take you straight to their website.

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I have a whole separate page on this, however if its just for fun …

The Cannabis Collection: Coloring Book for Adults with Quotes

This is pretty cute. It’s not expensive and fun to play with. I still stand by adult colouring books. I will totally still play colouring with kids if they are around, child colouring books and all, but sometimes I like to colour pretty things too if I’m not in the mood to draw on my own.

Check out this lovely journal:

Handmade Leather Journal Cannabis Marijuana Hemp Leaf Embossed Diary Notebook Sketchbook 5 x 7 Inches Office Handbook for Men and Women

Isn’t it lovely? Blank pages so its a sketchbook or a notebook. My heart.

These next book I haven’t read but might be fun?

Green Buds and Hash

I mean I’m amused already. I do love Dr. Seuss. Part of me feels he’d think this was funny. I say this because “Green Eggs and Ham” itself was a bet between him and his editor that he couldn’t write a book using only 50 words. ALSO in 1953 he released a screenplay called “The 5000 fingers of Dr. T” and its certainly something to watch. Scroll down, its in the movie section below if you’re curious.


Is that a THC Molecule Necklace? Why yes. Yes it is.

Rosa Vila THC Molecule Necklace, CBD Molecule Jewelry, Geek Jewelry for Women, Nerdy Jewelry Gift, Science Lovers Gifts, CBD Oil Lovers Gifts (Silver Tone)

It’s the chemist in me that digs this one. So cute.

K COOL Windproof Ashtray with Lids Tabletop Cigarette Ashtray for Outdoor Indoor Desktop Metal Push Down Ashtray Smoking Ash Tray for Home Office Decoration, Hand Stamped Pattern Nice Gift for Men Women(Navy Blue)

Wha? Is that an ashtray? Yeppers. They come in a variety of colours and patterns.

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I’m going to start with a couple of wild cards that I love, then I’ll move on to the ones I feel are obvious but I’ll put them up here as little reminders of how great they are.

First up:

The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T – Blu-ray

Wait what? Yes, this is a screenplay by Dr. Seuss, released in 1953. The title says Blu-ray but if you follow the link you can get a DVD too, no worries. It’s a musical folks, with amazing sets and costumes and a charming story of a dream/nightmare as seen through the eyes of a reluctant little boy who is forced to take piano lessons.

* Please note that due to the era of the movie, it does include moments of racist character position. Personally I like to place this hiring responsibility directly on the shoulders of the Villain, the piano teacher.

Dazed And Confused (Flashback Edition) (Bilingual)


Straight Up Useful

Some of these might seem boring but I know I’d be happy to receive them.

Safer’s Houseplant Sticky Stakes Insect Trap

Seriously, these things are great and you can’t find them everywhere. I will happily use these in any of my houseplants. Sometimes bugs happen. If you’re going fully organic this is a great way to help eliminate your pest problems. I’ve tried other brands of similar products, resulting in sticky fingers and an unhappy user experience. These have been designed keeping in mind that someone actually has to set them up to use them. Its a great product.

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