Roadtrip to Hot Jupiter

Day 1 – To The Moon!

Day 2 – Saturn Here We Come!

Day 3 – To Saturn With Love

Day 4 – So Long Solar System

Day 5 – Exploring New Worlds

Day 6 – On The Road Again

Day 7 – Final Destination!

The End

This page was intended to be: Meditation, relaxation, yoga and pot parties. Though at the moment it seems to be mostly blunts and I’m going to lump FAQ in here for now too (at the bottom)

First things first however:

How do I decide what to buy?

You’re in luck. I posted a quick run down of this app so you know what you’re about to discover.

Rose Blunts

Before you read this article I would urge you to find someone who grows roses. Most florists do not carry organic roses and you do not want to smoke the pesticides commercial growers use on their crops. However … isn’t she lovely?

Wait what?

Backwoods Blunt.

Thank you

Apparently I’m finding better articles for my subsection …

Sexy times

This article, brought to you by, is mostly about relationships, but it poses a very interesting question:

PS If someone can explain to me why this button isn’t aligned all the way left that would be great. It is on a phone, it is when I’m editing, its not when viewed on a computer. Why?

This article from written by Sabrina Cognata is more to the point:

These antiques tell the story of America Medicinal Marijuana before Prohibition


Flying with Weed.

Taking a trip? Know the rules for flying with Cannabis in Canada.

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