Yes, I took this photo and grew this plant.

Welcome one and all!

Call it what you like – cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, mary jane or reefer – it is in the spotlight and everyone and their grandma is into it. This isn’t surprising. With restrictions lifting everywhere we can finally use these wonderful plants in amazing ways and even long time prohibition supporters are rethinking their objections.

Now that Cannabis is legal in Canada it presents a myriad of new products available to all consumers, including non psychoactive products if you aren’t interested in getting high. It also gives you the ability to grow your own plants (4 plants to be specific). So here I am, Plantie Katie, to guide you through the excess of information on the internet. I’ll share articles that I think are helpful, give you tips on growing, post recipes for cooking edibles and talk about the wonderful world of medicinal cannabis for both you and your pets. You have questions. We all do. I’m here to help you find answers.

This is my first time writing a blog and making a website so it will be a work in progress for quite some time.

Please note that if you are growing your own cannabis and are looking for a little help I’m happy to respond to your queries as best I can. You can message me via the Contact page. Please include a few pictures of your problem and a brief description of your setup.

As I continue to build this site you can find articles that I like and fun posts from other people on my Twitter feed that you may not find on my pages. To find my Twitter feed scroll down to the bottom of this page and you’ll see a link to my account with my newsfeed that you can peruse. You’ll also find a link to my Instagram account. This is the real raw Katie (just thoroughly edited).

Recent Posts


Those little SOBs. One day they just show up and they’re so little that early detection is hard, especially if you have no idea what you’re looking for. I just found this article. I am officially in love. It is from houseplantjournal.com. This website is excellent for all your houseplant woes, and has great pictures…

Taking a break

We all need a break sometimes. It is certainly something I strongly encourage. I have been absent from here while taking the time to focus on myself, my health and my healing process. As I emerge from the little cocoon I’ve been living in I have decided to start taking more photos and reading more…

A Brief Ode To Rabbie Burns

As you may or may not be aware today is Burns Night. Robert Burns was a Scottish poet and song writer and is considered the national Bard Of Scotland. If you’ve ever been to the highlands it’s no wonder that its beauty inspired Rabbie to pick up a quill and write from the heart. Celebrated…

Cure the Winter Blues with a Winter Green

It’s winter. Again. For all of you who grow cannabis outdoors it’s a nice time to think about what you’re going to do next year, perhaps read a book or two (or some blog posts). However, the best way to learn is to practice. So here I am to give you a little nudge in…

Mix Master Grub vol 3

Tap tap. Is this thing on? Hello out There! Guess who’s back? Back again. Tell a friend. A close friend sent me this video to make me smile and it is all the summer feels for me. This one is dedicated to LaLa, DW, James, Becki and everyone else who attended “I love the 90s”…

The Weather

It’s going to be cold. It’s probably going to snow. It’s Toronto, though, so its not really that surprising. This means if you have any plants you have recently put outside due to the lovely weather then you either need to bring them back in or cover them. I’m not just talking about cannabis here.…


It’s a big day today. The weather the past few days in Toronto has been grey and drizzly with the occasional downpour. This means the ground should be well saturated and all the plants that have been sleeping over the winter are suddenly about to burst into life again. It’s supposed to reach 20 degrees…


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Hazzah! Blog posts inserted correctly! Good job Katie – you deserve a star.

10 mg chocolate edibles. Yum.


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