This page is for fun photos of pets and links to articles on non-psychoactive medicinal cannabis for the furry family members.

*Do not give your pets THC. Cannabis oils for pets are High in CBD and should only contain only trace amounts of THC. Consult a vet before administering any kind of medication to your pets.

Let’s start with some basics from

Questions about Cannabis oil for your dog? See what the professionals have to say. Check out this article from PetMD:

This article from Leafly is great news for pet owners in Canada. Senior pets have arthritis too.

This article was posted March 19th, 2020 by Megan Franklyn Therapies. It includes a study from frontiers in veterinary science at the end to support its claims.

On a less serious note: Please send me photos of your pets looking silly and I will edit and share them. In the meantime a big thank you to my close friends for letting me use their pets on my website. I do not use stock photos.

Pot puppies

Freddy πŸ’•

Pot puppy Gallery

Well soon … for the moment its whatever pictures I just throw on here til I edit some pet photos

Chronic Kitties

Copper πŸ’š

Chronic Kitty Gallery (soon)

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