Let’s start with a very important note:

You can use cannabis for medicinal purposes without getting high. CBD oil has very little THC in it and can still relieve symptoms.

So let’s discuss dosing, cannabis selection, countering “too high” issues as well as individual conditions.

Not surprisingly someone has beaten me to the punch creating a site with articles on conditions. I will slowly go through this list myself as well as continuing to collect testimonials and other articles I like and post them below. In the meantime here is a list for you to take a look at.

A massive thank you to CannaWorld @cannaworldsite for the tweet and link to the Your Health Gardian article below:

I’m so excited. I could do a little dance.

Four weed questions newbies may be too embarrassed to ask

No worries. Here is an excellent little article by Maria Lorneto, The Fresh Toast, posted on the Growth Op:


Dosing 101

This is a great article on the project CBD website by Matrin A Lee. If you’re new to the world of cannabis and don’t know where to start, I suggest starting here:

How do I decide what to buy?

I have two suggestions about where to begin when you’re searching for the right product for you. The first one is symptom or diagnosis specific. It’s a website by patients, for patients. Click on the photo or button below and it will take you to my post on this website and app. I highly recommend it.

Secondly this app (below) is useful if you’re looking for a specific type of experience. It helps if you’re looking for a strain for yoga, sleep, hiking, sexy times etc. Click on the button below for a quick run down of the app.

One Weed Please

This article by Beca Grimm with Illustrations by Lan Troung is a great read. It can be found at but a direct link to the article is posted below as usual.

Too High?

It’s ok. It happens. Sometimes when you least expect it.

“If you are feeling the effects of ingesting too much cannabis, then a tablespoon of honey in warm water can help reduce the intensity.”

[Ditchfield J, Thomas M, “The Medical Cannabis Guidebook”, P.G.W (2014); 132 ]

This article from has a few more tips that will help guide you to more pleasant place.


Before you start there is an important question you need to answer. Are you currently taking any medication that, oddly, specifies you should not eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice in conjunction with it? It seems like such a weird question, however if you are then its possible you should be avoiding CBD too (note, it says nothing about THC). This article from explains:

Please note that we are still in the very early stages of research into cannabis. These articles are meant to inform you of recent discoveries, research projects and specific case studies.

Please message me if a link no longer works so I can rectify the situation.




Here is a great article from on Alzheimer’s and dementia


This article from discusses looking into new research:

This article from discusses a study:


I’m just adding relevant articles for now. I will write little precursors to them once they build up in numbers

This article from discusses promising research in CBD therapy for autism:

This is an individual success story from



Here is a great article from Concussion Alliance:

Crohn’s disease

This article from is based on a personal testimonial:



Good news! This short article is brought to you from

This article from RxLeaf is good despite its lacklustre title:




This article from asks an important question regarding cannabis and grief. Is it a help or a hinderence?



This article contains an add at the end and is promoting hemp oil. Please note that CBD oil can be made from cannabis as well. Small amounts if THC will not keep you awake. Differences aside, its a good read if you’re having problems sleeping.


Lyme Disease

I’m in the middle of collecting articles on this.

This article is from the fresh toast:

A good read from Cannabis Now:



Multiple Sclerosis

This article from rxleaf suggests finding strains with specific terpenes can help treat chronic pain (Note this article applies to Osteoporosis as well):



This article from rxleaf suggests finding strains with specific terpenes can help treat chronic pain (Note this article applies to Multiple Sclerosis as well):


Parkinson’s Disease

This article from is an interesting read. There is still very clearly a lot more research to be done but a good starting point.

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

On November the 5th, 2019 UBC released a study on PTSD and cannabis use.

Here is a link to the announcement article:

This is an excellent article from the on the new study and includes a brief overview of how cannabis interacts with individuals:

Here is the full study as published in the Journal of Pshycopharmacology:

Premature Ejaculation

Apparently cannabis helps

A not so serious post of mine:


Tourette’s Syndrome

This is a great article from

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