Sexy Times

**** Work in Progress ****

This is a collection of the most interesting articles I’ve found on the subject. They will be arranged starting from basic relationship issues and increase in sauciness as you scroll down the page. If you’re looking for articles on Cannabis and Kink, they’re at the bottom.

While I’m working on this I’ll get you started with a recent blog post of mine. It contains three excellent articles.


Before we dig deep into the world of Cannabis and Kink, let’s start with a look at relationships.

A little history lesson from

Shake Things Up

Are you looking for a fun new strain to spice up your relationship? This article by Ryan Porter published on has some wonderful suggestions starting from first dates to your golden years as well as choices for the break-up blues. If you’re looking to branch out from your usual products this is an amazingly well thought out list.

This is a great article by Nicolle Hodges published by which explores how “psychedelics help couples work through issues of intimacy and communication”.

Vaginas Vaginas Vaginas

Do you have a Vagina? This section is for you.

Here is a great article by Nicolle Hodges published by

This is a great article by Ashley Keenan, published by

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