It’s a big day today. The weather the past few days in Toronto has been grey and drizzly with the occasional downpour. This means the ground should be well saturated and all the plants that have been sleeping over the winter are suddenly about to burst into life again. It’s supposed to reach 20 degrees Celsius today. Much like you, the plants around us will want to enjoy the rays and warmth.

Be careful gardeners. I know what you’re thinking. Wahoo! In go all my baby veggies I’ve been growing! It is still quite early to plant outside in Ontario unless you have a game plan to protect your plants when the temperature dips again. If you got your plants from a grower then they will have been hardened off considerably, but the wee veggies you started this year at home are not used to the outdoors or fluctuations in temperature yet so proceed with caution. Typically the May long weekend used to be the “safe” time to start planting in this part of the world.

“Great Katie, but I’m not growing veggies or a flower garden, I’m growing weed.” I hear you say. The same rules apply here. Yes, put them outside during the day, but I would still suggest bringing them in at night. If you *have* to plant them in bigger cumbersome pots already then make sure you’ve at least got some garbage bags or something to cover them with overnight if the temperature falls. Keep an eye on the weather station, if its going to be 5 degrees or colder overnight you’re in the danger zone.

Still haven’t planted your cannabis seeds? That’s ok. You still have time. Or – if you ask nicely – one of your friends may be willing to give you a clone or even just a cutting and you can start there.

Once you have a plant in your hot little hands you need to decide where to put it. There are SO many factors to consider when growing outdoors. The most productive plants have the best laid plans. Luckily for you I found a great article on the subject from leafly.ca:

Now go out, poke around in your yard and get a solid plan to start your fun in the sun.

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