Roadtrip to Hot Jupiter

Happy 420, 2020 (is there an echo in here?). The journey started with isolation, Instagram and Indica …

Day 1 – To the Moon!

Day 2 – Saturn here we come!

Day 3 – To Saturn, With Love

Day 4 – So Long Solar System

Day 5 – Exploring New Worlds

Day 6 – On the Road Again

Day 7 – Final Destination!

The money shot:

This backpacking experience brought to you by “An Afternoon Wander Through Instagram” where I found the very talented:

@juilianmajin (whose work compiles a considerable amount of the final draft), @artistfromthefuture, @mr.babies, @loudpact_society, @leafandpetaldesign, @nasa, and whomever else I’ve missed here (I will update ASAP).

Unfortunately due to size restrictions I could not use interactive galleries. The galleries are now compiled on the Fun+FAQ page on my website if you’d like a closer look, which I highly recommend. The button below will take you there.

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