The Weather

It’s going to be cold.

It’s probably going to snow.

It’s Toronto, though, so its not really that surprising.

This means if you have any plants you have recently put outside due to the lovely weather then you either need to bring them back in or cover them. I’m not just talking about cannabis here. It will be too cold overnight for hanging baskets of flowers, the more delicate herbs like basil can not tolerate it, baby tomato plants need protection … you get the drift.

It’s also supposed to get windy. Keep that in mind while you’re covering things so your hard work doesn’t get blown away.

New to gardening and plants? Even covering things with a garbage bag overnight will help keep them warm. Add a tall stick to tall plants. Glass jars can be placed upside down over the little things or use 2L pop bottles with the bottoms cut off.

Good luck everyone. Hopefully this will be the last chill before summer.

Image by @mr.babies
Check them out on Instagram. They sell prints.

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