A Brief Ode To Rabbie Burns

As you may or may not be aware today is Burns Night. Robert Burns was a Scottish poet and song writer and is considered the national Bard Of Scotland. If you’ve ever been to the highlands it’s no wonder that its beauty inspired Rabbie to pick up a quill and write from the heart.

Celebrated on on his birthday, Burns night includes a Burns Supper. If you are ever in the position to take part in these festivities be prepared for piping, recitation of his poetry and of course, Haggis, which gets its own address.

Sadly, as we need to be apart this year, we will celebrate as best we can. Whether you’re willing to try traditional haggis or not there are plenty of other fun foods you can enjoy. Don’t forget – Short bread is Scottish too.

Lastly – remember to have a dram or two of Scotch Whiskey (or cannabis infused whiskey). It’s traditional after all.

It’s alright, he’s just pissed.

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