Those little SOBs. One day they just show up and they’re so little that early detection is hard, especially if you have no idea what you’re looking for.

I just found this article. I am officially in love. It is from This website is excellent for all your houseplant woes, and has great pictures if you’re in need of pest identification. This particular page is on thrips and how to deal with these evil little jerks:

I used painters tape instead instead of a lint roller, but I must say this is one of the most satisfying techniques I have ever come across. It’s fast, safe, organic and you can vanquish you foes at an extraordinary rate. I found that if I wrap it around my fingers, sticky side out of course, I can get right in the ridges on the back of the leaves.

Obviously this technique is only viable if you have a couple of plants – if you have a larger grow op you probably have your own techniques. In this case, as an organic gardener, beneficial insects would be my first line of defence.

For those of you suffering from this particular pest I feel for you, keep vigilant and good luck.

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