There’s an app for that

Yep. Now … why are you promoting an app Katie? Well as it happens I just came across it via Twitter and upon inspection I think it’s a great idea. It’s free, it didn’t take up very much space on my phone and it is incredibly informative.

There are so many products available and for the first time for some of us we really get to choose which strain we want and the type of high we’re looking for. Looking at some other sites can give you an idea, but this breaks it all down for you. You can choose by your administration method: flower, pre-rolled joints, capsules or oils. You can search by the type of activity you are planning on doing. There are suggestions for hiking, gardening, meditating, date night (wink wink) or movie night. You can then peruse suggestions from a variety of different companies available in your province. Though you can’t order via the app, you can certainly get a much better idea of what you’re after, or what you already have. There is even a function that allows you to scan the packaging you already have in your home so you can look up what others think of products you already have. Handy.

Once you look at a specific product it gives you a breakdown of the expected THC and CBD%, as well as the type of experience you might expect (energentic, relaxed, etc). It gives you reviews from other users of the product as well as an estimate about the onset timing of the high and the duration. You can save your favorites and add your own reviews. Its basically a journal of your preferred products that allows you to choose your next fav or repeat a past experience while helping you and your bud tender guide you to your perfect dosing and administration method.

I for one will continue to play around with it. Though I prefer my own home grown organic bud, I am certainly willing to dive into this bizarre world of options so I can happily purchase my next new favorite seeds to grow.

Until next time, I remain your ever enthusiastic researcher.

I don’t know how to insert the button that will take you right to this at the moment. I’m working on it. Go to the app store or google play …

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