The Perfect Cure

How much time have you spent nurturing and tending your plants this summer? You’ve grown so much this season (personally as we as literally). Whether you’re a novice or a pro or somewhere in between you’ve learnt about plants and their needs and your relationship with them be it love/hate, intense curiosity or perfect harmony. Now that it’s reached its fruition you should give yourself a pat on the back. Good job. You made it to harvest and you have every right to be proud of your achievement. Try not to dwell on what “went wrong” but instead learn from any missteps (mistakes is such a negative word, let’s change the narrative). Remember when you’re comparing your crop to your neighbours that you’ve used different techniques and you each have a different history of plant care. This encompasses every plant you’ve ever tended your entire life. Even that fern you bought ’cause a new “friend” was coming over and you wanted to impress them, but then you promptly forgot to water and killed within a week. So talk to your neighbour. Share tips and techniques and you’ll both grow stronger as a result.

“Very Zen Katie, what does this have to do with curing my harvest?”

I’m getting there.

Harvesting and trimming is a very labour intensive process. It’s a lot of work in a short period of time. What should not be a short period of time is your cure. I’m not saying don’t sample your work, dive in, that should go without saying, but there’s only so much one can consume in a given period. If you want your harvest to last and mature to perfection then cure it properly.

Once again this article is from I would like to stress that I read many articles a day on a given subject and I share my favorites. Over time there will be several on my static page under harvesting but I like to provide quality reading material and their articles are fantastic. Feel free to forward me any other gems you like and I’ll happily share them too.

For all of you who have fallen in love with growing your own plants, welcome to the world of horticultural therapy. Embrace the joy of growing and think about buying a houseplant or perhaps investing in some autoflower seeds for a lil kitchen cannabis plant to fuss with over the winter. Spend some time reading about medicinal cannabis and it’s benefits. Who knows, your new hobby might just cure what ails you.

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