Vaping 101, Apparently.

So … I do own a “digital dry herb vaporizer”. Most of the time I prefer edibles because I like the type of high and the longevity. Generally my lungs don’t allow for any tom-foolery like smoking, so the alternative is a vaporizer. I am in no way informed about vaporizers in general. The one I have was a gift (thank you, sweet sweet friends). I can’t really do a compare and contrast besides saying I like that this one doesn’t look like I’m sucking on a deodorant stick.

This is it:

I call it the Hooter.

So you can adjust the temperature. That’s cool. The factory setting is 375 degrees Fahrenheit. I really just left it there cause I mean they probably chose that temperature for a reason. Turn on, inhale … stoned … check. Research complete.

I finally decided to look it up, so if you are also curious I suggest this article from It goes into more depth about optimal temperatures.

I’m still playing around to see if I can tell the difference. I’ll keep you posted. Thus far I moved it up to 400 degrees. The results:

Turn on, inhale … stoned … check.

If anyone has any personal experiences with being able to actually tell the difference please let me know. In the meantime I will rely on the scientific data in the article to help steer me towards optimization.

The curious researcher in me also decided to check for some sort of Vaporizer comparison video. Instead I came upon this. It was the first video I watched and decided to just leave it there. It’s almost 7 minutes long:

Vape Nation.



Note: Not sure if the video will show up in the emails. If you’re curious what I stumbled across and its not there then here is a link too …

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