Flying High? Know the rules for flying with Cannabis within Canada

I recently had a friend fly into the city for the day. We met up for dinner and drinks and a little home grown cannabis. I brought a little extra flower along so he could take some home with him but we realized we were unsure about the regulations for flying with Cannabis within Canada.

Not surprisingly you can’t take it across the border. Period. That’s a pretty easy one, but can it be in your carry-on for a domestic flight? How much can you have? The quick answers are; Yes and 30g. Liquids must abide by normal carry-on rules. You should also know that if your plane is diverted to the States you are responsible for your cannabis, not the airline. This makes your carry-on the optimal choice so you can access it and flush it if you find yourself unexpectedly headed out of the country.

I’ve done quick screenshots of the websites for Air Canada, WestJet and Porter. They are up to date as far as today, November 26, 2019. I’ll add the links to directly to the restriction pages in case of any changes. I also came across this gem of an article from on HOW WestJet suggests you package your cannabis for the journey:

Handy. Now on to the screenshots and links:

Air Canada

If you’re interested in reading the other links then click on the button below and it will take you to the above page and on to the government of Canada links.



Now that you’re all packed up, have a great flight 🙂

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