Plantiekatie Rantiekatie – Vol I

I have a beef. It involves this article from the CBC:

This only applies to residents of Manitoba, so most of us are in luck, but even that in itself is weird. Here is a quick summary for those of you who do not wish to read it:

  1. You can only legally carry cannabis in government issued packaging.
  2. You can be fined up to $625 for carrying it in anything else.
  3. This is to stop illicit “black market” cannabis sources.

How exactly is THAT going to stop independent sellers? Just because it’s in a government approved plastic bottle does not mean that bud is actually from the source on the label. A monkey could get around this “plan”. Instead it’s forcing you to buy at least a small amount through a government issued retailer so you’ve at least got a bottle for ‘show’ DESPITE being legally allowed to grow 4 of your own plants. That is, of course, if one were actually allowed to grow their own plants in Manitoba. Although a federal law has been passed that allows most of us to tend a few plants at home, it is still banned in Manitoba. Presuming that one then needs a proper medicinal license to grow there, this packaging rule probably still applies. After having carefully tended your beautiful 100% organic home grow you’ll have to buy some cannabis from the government and shove it in one of these ridiculously bulky plastic bottles.

Seriously. THIS came with 3.5 grams of flower in it. It’s massive.

So there you have it Manitobans. Your tax dollars hard at work making clever plans that will surely outsmart the criminals and ensure you purchase excess unnecessary single use plastics. As if any of us really needed another excuse not to visit Winnipeg.

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