Sun and Seeds

What a gorgeous day. It feels like spring. If you haven’t started thinking about your outdoor grow this year then its time to get cracking. Don’t panic. You’ve got tonnes of time, but its a great day to start planning your attack. Are you going to get some clones or are you going to try growing from seed this year? Is it your first year? Excited to get started? In the fall I did a post on seed selection. If you’ve never done this before and are feeling lost give it a read:

If you are suffering from chronic pain I would suggest giving CB Dutch Treat from Crop King Seeds a go. I just harvested a beautiful indoor organic home grow from one of these seeds and personally it has been wonderful for me. Everyone is different but if you’re taking a shot in the dark about which strain to choose anyway I can assure you I will be growing more and have a couple of friends that are very enthusiastic to have one of these beauties in their backyard this year too.

I can’t think of a more perfect way of celebrating international women’s day then choosing the ladies you are going to grow this year. Embrace your inner healer and join the ranks of these phenomenally influential cannabis loving women:

Thank you and Colleen Fisher Tully @colleenftully for the great read

Don’t be afraid to give growing a chance. Watching a seed germinate and thrive is an amazing process. Watching a seed germinate and shrivel is a learning process too though. Don’t despair if your first try doesn’t work out. Start chatting with your plant obsessed friend. You know the one. They’ll be thrilled to help you.

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