Start your seeds!

While you’re at home, wondering what to do with yourself, why don’t you start planning your summer grow? I mean everything – not just cannabis. I am Plantiekatie after all.

Have you always considered starting your garden from seed but never had the time? The time is now! Plant those peppers and tomato seeds folks. Start your bedding flowers too! Why not start a gardening project with your kids? The most exciting and fastest growth stage in a plants life is at germination and what a great way to get a little science lesson in while your kids are off school.

Don’t know where to start your lesson?

Check out this link to Prekinders. They have a website full of plant and seed activities and lesson plans for Pre-K, Preschool and Kindergarten:

Don’t have kids? Do you have kids but want to start a little adult garden too? Try growing pot. Why not? It’s legal now guys. You can have 4 plants in Ontario. Do you have some random bag seed laying around? Why not give it a shot? Want a specific strain? Order some seeds online. There are some excellent medicinal strains high in CBD available. If you don’t get the hang of it then you can always get a clone later to nurture and try another seed for the heck of it. You’re at home, learn something new about this amazing plant and wow your friends in the fall with your beautiful home grown stash. Remember to tread lightly when you’re reading up on it and don’t get too caught up in the little details. There are a lot of people out there telling you have to do things “this way” or you’ll fail. That’s silly. It’s called weed for a reason. Don’t worry about failure, or who says what. If you have a method of germinating seeds, any seeds, that you like and works well for you then do that. Go with your gut if you’re a plant person. I mean really, what do you have to lose?

How do I choose a seed? I’ve broken it down for you in this post:

Have seeds already but want a little germination guidance? Shockingly, I also already have a post on that too:

Now that you’ve got all the info you need: GO PLAY IN THE DIRT!!

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