CNE Daze

AKA: my adventure leaving the house.

Last night I went to the CNE. With a broken toe you say? I assure you I made full use of the free train around the park and spent most of my time laying on the grass at the back of the CNE bandshell with my foot elevated on a partially inflated beach ball. Three cheers for inflatable pillows. (Pro tip: you can also inflate the bag from a box of wine if you’re in a pinch)

Why would I go through all this trouble? April Wine was playing. Keep in mind the CNE is about entertainment. Its not just rides and shopping. Once you’re in there are a tonne of free shows to go to. It’s a lovely place to go and relax if you do it right. Nothing can beat the happy twinkle lights of the midway at night and the bizarre people watching one can enjoy by simply sitting there. And the food. Good God the food. It’s stoner paradise. So if you’re looking for something to do tonight I highly suggest getting a lil high, and heading to the EX. (PS they also sell booze)

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