Before you start growing Cannabis

Before we get started it’s probably best to consider the possibility of a learning curve while trying to cultivate this oh so trendy (yes, I said it) plant. Let’s face it. Weed is in. Big time. It’s popularity is growing and so is your grandma. My best advice is to start by talking to someone you know who grows plants. All plants. Vegetables, flower gardens, houseplants … the more their house looks like a jungle the better. It’s not that these people are secretly growing pot (though there’s a good chance) it’s that they have spent years caring for their green friends and know more than any book will teach you. Reach out to old farmers. They can guide you through ways to make your crops flourish. It’s their livelihood and also how we get our food. Farmers feed cities. After all this who knows, perhaps you’ll start keeping houseplants and growing veggies too.

Here is a link to a charming article from the Globe and Mail for those of you who struggle with growing:

“Canada’s saddest grow-op: My humiliating adventures in growing marijuana”

Story by Ian Brown

Buck up Ian. At least you’re not this guy:

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