Is there anybody out there?

It feels strange to know my thoughts are just out there, floating in the sea of the internet, to be swept up by random passersby or not. This website is basically just an edited dairy on cannabis research. I generally refer to the whole shabang as my research project. Anyone who saw the stacks of books I keep around wouldn’t argue with that description. But you don’t know me. Why should you listen to a stranger on the internet?

I’m a florist. I didn’t start off there though. I wound my way through engineering chemistry at Queens, which I was not a fan of (engineering that is) … finished off a chemistry degree. Worked in labs in both the environmental and pharmaceutical industries until I decided to wander off and explore the world. I’ve slept in bamboo huts in tropical rainforests, snorkelled with wild sea turtles and have met some of the most amazing people you could ever wish to meet from all walks of life. My love of plants continued to grow along with an avocado plant named “Dorm” which grew from a pit I sprouted under a bed in a 12 person hostel room. So I turned back to my roots of farmers and mennonites where I initially learned to nurture plants in the garden. I went forth into the world once again, close to home this time and landed in a flower shop surrounded by a jungle of living, breathing tropical plants to tend to and learn from. The last 5 years have been constant botanical study. I read books on dirt and trees and micropropegation. Feel free to follow my advice or choose someone else’s. There is no “right” way to harness nature but if you’d like some help I’m happy to be your guide. I’m used to more face to face interactions but as I’m generally the one doing all the talking anyway I suppose this isn’t really all that different. So I’ll lie here on the couch, listening to some wonderful tunes and chat to the abyss, imparting “words of wisdom” just like Christian Slater in “Pump up the Volume”.

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