Rain. What a B*tch.

For those of you who ache in the rain, my heart truly goes out to you.

Normally I love the rain. I collect it in a pail and flit around my house making sure my plants all get plenty of nature’s bounty while it’s available. I like following the weather patterns because the atmosphere changes so surely my plants know it’s time too. Plants focus on different functions depending on light levels so I like to ensure they get what they want when they need it.

When you’re warned that a broken bone will ache when it rains in your mind (or mine at least) you think ok, it’ll be a bit worse today. I can handle that. It’s healing well. That is until you get full on b*tch slapped back to the couch because as it turns out “aches when it rains” means I might as well have broken my toe yesterday. I can not imagine this happening to me every time the weather shifts. For everyone out there who faces this reality I hope you’ve found a nice comfy place to curl up with a hot drink and a little herbal remedy to help ease the pain.

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