Harvest time?

It’s that time of year. Harvest time aka croptober. If you’ve been growing outdoors harvest time approaches. I’ve located two great articles on the subject, both from leafly.com.

If you have been using synthetic nutrients it is very important to flush your plants before harvest. The general consensus is that you should stop adding nutrients 2 weeks prior to harvesting if growing in soil. If you use organic living earth methods (like I do) this isn’t anything you need to worry about.

But what exactly do you do and when do you know when to start flushing? Much like picking the time to harvest itself, this is indicated by the trichomes. So without further ado … Article #1:

Alrighty then. Phase one. Check. Moving on to phase two.

Need a bit of a visual? Luckily I have an electronic microscope.

Looking frosty
Some trichomes turning amber.

Until next time. Happy harvesting 🙂

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