Snip Snip aka The Big Day

Is today the day? Now that you’ve been keeping a close eye on your plants, you’ve got to plan your trim. Different strains will usually be ready at different times but this can also vary from plant to plant of the same strain.

“Oh no Katie! Some of my buds look perfect but the other ones aren’t there yet!” You say. That’s okay. There is no law that says you have to harvest your whole plant in one go. Buds that started earlier can mature earlier as well. If you want to just trim those off and leave the rest of the plant to continue maturing it’s fine. In fact it’s a nice practice day if youve never done this before.

“This website says one thing but this other has totally different instructions!” Yep. This stuff is not set in stone. If Luna420butterflychild likes harvesting at the full moon it doesn’t mean you need to too. Its just like, her opinion, man. Choose whichever method feels right for you or simply fits into your schedule. There are lots of videos out there on the internet to watch. Poke around and get a good visual by watching a few other people do it then plan your attack.

As usual I have an article here. Once again thank you

I was hoping to have more for this post BUT duty calls and I’ve been slammed at work. This means if today is not the day you’re in luck. You can just do some base research and make sure you’ve collected everything for the big day and then wait with giddy expectation for my next post. I know this post might seem a bit rushed but I wanted to make sure you got the info before it was too late. If I have to write while shovelling in breakfast then it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

As a personal preference though … a 9×13 Pyrex casserole dish is a great tray.


I just came across this article from

I will continue to add things to my posts as I come across relevant articles or videos.

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