Jackie the First

Now that the outdoor growing season is over, many of you are planning for next year and now that you’ve got the grow bug in your brain you’re starting to consider a lil indoor plant. If you’re not a houseplant kind of person this can be very daunting so I’m going to spend the next few weeks giving you pep talks on the subject.

Prewarning: I’m gonna go a bit plant nerd specific for a minute here so if you don’t really know what I’m on about don’t worry. The main point of this post will follow. I promise you this really is a post for beginners.

I do not have an outdoor space to grow. Painful right? Don’t worry, I have many friends who have very generously offered to let me help them grow in their backyards next year so I will not be at a loss for garden space. So what have I been doing? I grow indoors, with rotating ages of plants. At the moment I’ve got an auto-flowering Jack Herer in bloom, a CB Dutch treat (2:1 CBD:THC medical strain) that I am keeping vegetative in order to clone, a CB Dream (1:1 CBD:THC) also vegetative for cloning purposes and … a dud. I think I’m finally calling it on this seed. She was an Early Girl autoflower. A fast growing no fuss no muss seed. I soaked the seed, she cracked before I planted her and seemed perfectly viable but has very stubbornly not broken earth. Its been a few weeks. I was expecting a few days tops. This very rarely happens to me. Things just burst into bloom as I pass, I’m a weird plant fairy like that. However, this is not the first.

Now we delve into the mysterious past of Katie’s Cannabis Journal. This is literally an excerpt.

Yes, of course I read books about trees too. Next to it is the real life journal itself. I like writing by hand.

So without further ado …

The Mishap. Jackie the First. A cautionary tale.

“I was very excited because I had some brand new top quality seeds to play with for the first time.

We’re talking Primo here.

  • Jack Herer
  • Feminized
  • Autoflowering
  • From: Crop King Seeds. 80%+ germination rate and I am a plant doctor or witch or whatever you want to call me

I had this in the bag.

Too cocky Katie. Too impatient Katie.

Jack Herer seems to take much longer to germinate than other varieties. I got worried … it had been … dunno over a week. A week and a half I waited?

I poked in the dirt. Hurrah!! Something was happening! The seed wasn’t a dud!

A day or two later and still nothing had broken through. So I checked again. I had damaged the lil guy. Pretty sure I knocked off the tap root.

What did we learn today class?

Patience. Just wait for it and trust. Or plant a couple so if one is being stubborn you have another to fuss over.”

So there you have it. Words of wisdom from my past. I started out by mucking around with some seeds my buddy DW gave to me and here we are today. Don’t be discouraged if you start off with a bunch of missteps. Everyone does it. Its how you learn.

*Disclaimer: this is an old journal entry copied verbatim. For all of you seasoned growers who want to start talking genetics I’d love chat so I can recommend your fav seed brands. Crop King seeds does have excellent germination and compared to the completely random seeds I had been playing with prior to this journal entry they were most certainly top quality.

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