Mix Master Grub vol I

An Ode to Sir Elton.

Where to start? Sir Elton John is profoundly awe inspiring on so many levels. He is such an amazing artist and humanitarian. In light of all his achievements how could I not feature him for a 420 Funsies? I’m a ‘lil obsessed at the moment. Admittedly, this may have something to do with his recent performances in Toronto (Yes, I went). He opened the show with Bennie and the Jets. Who’s catalog is so spectacular that they can open with a song like Bennie and the Jets? Gah! My heart.

This morning I went in search some lovely music to relax to and of course I went straight back to that happy night a few days ago. Here is the official music video. I’d never seen it. I love you EHJ.

How had I never seen that! Also, as its me … and Elton … and the Muppet’s (LOVE Jim Henson) … and a Jungle!!! I had to add this one too.

So many feathers. If presented with the opportunity I highly suggest wearing an excess of feathers one night. I was a bird for Halloween. So much fun.

The Legendary Hands (and Elton himself in the corner)

Did you know the Elton John Aids Foundation has raised 155 Million Pounds to date? Go check it out:

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