Witches be b*tches. Or, are they in fact, healers?

I know this isn’t strictly Cannabis but ’tis the season and I can’t help myself. So let’s take a look at witches and herbs.

What got me all worked up? This article from High Times Magazine:

It’s a bit lengthy but goes into a lot of depth on the subject of witches past and present. If you’re at all curious about deadly plants and the women who wielded them for medicinal purposes and spiritual enlightenment then I suggest you take a look.

Interested in deadly/toxic plants in general? I highly suggest reading Wicked Plants, by Amy Stewart:


Wicked Plants: The Weed That Killed Lincoln’s Mother and Other Botanical Atrocities

This book suggests that Ergot, a precursor to LSD, may have been the culprit behind the Salem Witch trials.  Ergot is a “toxic fungus that infects rye and contaminates bread.”  Signs of Ergot poisoning are “Hysteria, hallucinations and a feeling that something is crawling on the skin”.  Instead of blaming the healer perhaps they should have been blaming the baker. 

Oh The Craft 💕 #wearetheweirdosmister

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