420 Funsies

No VJ today? Nope. I’m feeling a random video clip rather than a music video. The labyrinth 420 Funsies got me thinking of contact juggling. “What is contact juggling?” you ask. It’s those cool moves David Bowie was doing with the glass balls. I say David Bowie, it wasn’t actually him. In any scene where it looks like he has mad skills it’s actually someone behind him being his arms and doing those moves blind. THAT’s talent.

This is one of my favorite videos. He is not the artist from the movie, just some dude showing off his moves in the park.

The embedded clip doesn’t seem to work in the emails so I added a link button that will take you to today’s fun pick.

Which previous Labyrinth post? That would be:

I’m a big Jim Henson fan. Expect more where these came from.

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