Happy Cannaversary!

It’s been a whole year Canada! How do we celebrate? Well by bringing in the next stage of legalization of course. What can we expect?

The biggest cause for excitement for most people is the legalization of edibles. That’s not very surprising. Who doesnt like a ‘lil treat every now and again. A convenient, descrete and tasty method of consuming cannabis is a win for a lot of people. What else is rolling on out today?

Extracts and topicals. Though the media isn’t nearly as excited about these, it is wonderful news for medicinal users.

Extracts are concentrated forms of cannabis. Unlike the infused oils that have been available these are stronger so tread lightly. What’s fun about these is that they can also be added to food. A little goes a long way and it is a much more pleasant way to take your pain medication.

Topicals. I, for one, am pumped. This is the product that will do the most to reduce stigma in older communities. It is not injested, so does not enter the bloodstream. This means it can not get you high but can still be extremely effective. It helps relieve pain and inflammation. That’s right arthritis sufferers, this one is meant to help you. Think Rub A535. Expect an extensive post on the subject in the near future as I dabble in making my own from remnants of harvested plants.

Looking to celebrate? Not surprisingly leafly has a list of events for your enjoyment:

One thing to remember is today is the day new products can be submitted for approval, so don’t expect anything new in the legal sector until December. That said, lets all gear up for some edible advent calanders folks.

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