Despite its now legal status in Canada, the stigma around cannabis use remains strong. The question is Why? Why is it so wrong for someone to consume a substance to ease pain or alleviate stress and anxiety? As a society we readily accept drunkenness and have mostly turned a blind eye to cigarettes for years. It’s just something you do and it’s ok. It’s your body so your decision. Then exactly what is everyone so afraid of when it comes to cannabis?

I’ve got 3 great articles today. The first is about mainstream acceptance, the second focuses on cannabis at holiday work parties and the third is about a massive cannabis store that has opened in West Edmonton Mall (say What?).

I’ll open with this one from (which is only fair cause I snagged their awesome photo to help get your attention):

This is a great article from The Globe and Mail:

Last but certainly not least. Aurora cannabis has opened a 11000 sq ft store in west Edmonton mall. That’s right. 11000 sq ft. The store is split into two sections, one is naturally to sell cannabis itself, and the other is designed for community engagement and “post consumption products” like puzzles, munchies and track suits. Here they plan to hold classes on things like cannabis cuisine, therapeutic uses of CBD and other fun events like movie nights.

Once again has brought us this wonderful article:

The best way to end stigma is to talk, share our experiences and learn more about this fascinating plant. So … who wants to plan a trip to Edmonton?

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