Mix Master Grub vol 2

Vol 2. I’m feeling nostalgic for the first cannabis plant I grew today. I didn’t think to clone her which was a pity. I will forever be chasing the carefree giddy high “Janie” supplied. Therefore for today’s post Christmas 420 Funsies I present:

Canned Heat, by Jimiroquai.

“Why?” You ask. Well … are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

I had grown, harvested and cured my first plant which sprouted from a random seed I got from a friend (Thanks DW 💕). As I had no idea what variety she was I simply named her Janie. I don’t generally smoke, I prefer edibles. I whipped up a batch of triple chocolate espresso cookies to enjoy (read painstakingly made cannabutter, got groceries, slaved away). While I was working away I decided to have a bit of raw cookie dough, like you do, thinking it would help me gauge how strong they were. It turns out Janie packed a punch. A beautiful relaxing stretchy punch once the giggles stopped. Finding myself unexpectedly stoned out of my tree I popped in an old CD a friend made for me in University. This was song number one baby and I rocked out, just like Napolean. So without further ado, the man himself:

Vote for Pedro.

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