PlantieKatie RantieKatie: Death and Taxes

On January 1st, Illinois joined the rank of states which allow the legal sale of Cannabis. Congratulations Illinois! What the state soon discovered was that this “freedom” comes at a price. That price? A monstrous degree of sales tax. Thus far you can only grow your own cannabis in Illinois if you are a “medicinal marijuana resident”. If you wish to abide by state laws you’ll have to go to the dispensary. Once you arrive at the cash register you will find a generous kick in the stomach. Thank you CannaWorld and the residents of Illinois for providing a few receipts for the rest of the world to view:

Seriously. That’s insane.

The one thing I can say in favor of this strategy is that the government is being totally transparent about the amount they are taxing. Here in Ontario you may have noticed it’s not clear exactly how much we are being taxed on cannabis. The Ontario Cannabis Store lists all its prices with the taxes included. Thus far I haven’t located a good breakdown of exactly how we are being taxed but I intend to dig deeper to find out. There is certainly an Excise Tax applied, that much is clear. I would like to think that I’ll be pleasantly surprised once I find the answers but I suspect that’s just me being naive. After all, there really are just two things in life one can be certain of.

Wow. Thanks Debbie Downer. Don’t worry, I agree leaving things there brings us all down. I think we call all use a bit more happiness in the world, so instead I leave you with these, in the hope that you will find them inspirational:

Thank you South Park, for all that you do. Now to send you off into the happiest of feels:

Seriously. The kitten at 4:20 in this video. My heart.

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