Harry Potter and the 420Funsies

I was going to write a serious post today but I’m just not into it. So instead I’m going to tout my love for Harry Potter with a lil 420s funsies post. Today I will guide you briefly through the wizarding world as viewed by one stoned muggle goofing around on the internet. I’d like to start off with a classic:

I’m still not sure why Dumbledore decides to get naked. Also, no one else in the song seems surprised when he shows up nude. Catchy Though.

What do you get when you cross Pokemon Go and Harry Potter? Wizards Unite.

Yeah. That wasn’t a joke. Though the similarities between the two games did lead me to receive an extravagant spell engery gift from an unlikely wizard:

Yes this is an actual screenshot from my phone

How do like them apples? I think Snape says it best:

Oh the internet and all you clever meme machines.

It’s true. He lives on to this day, making appearances on late night television:

THAT’s Talent.

I really do love all things Harry Potter. Now that I’ve trapped you I’m going to bring out the slideshow from my vacation. For real.

Not surprisingly, when I went to Scotland, I headed to Fort William and a steam train ride. Did you know you can ride the Hogwarts Express? Its truly a breathtaking journey too.

The two clear pictures in this collage are stock photos, the others are me trying to get a good shot on a rainy day from the train. I knew we would go over the viaduct, what I didn’t realize is that we would also pass Dumbledore’s final resting place.

Yes, I took this photo.

From a moving train.

With a phone.

Don’t tell me magic doesn’t exist.

J.K. Rowling, words can not describe the wonder you’ve sparked in the hearts of so many unsuspecting muggles. Alan Rickman said it best:

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