Together We Can Find Answers

Today I came across a brilliant website and app called Strainprint. I do not know how much it really gets used or if the app itself has kinks, I’ll keep you posted as I discover these things myself, but rest assured it will be tested to the extreme.

The App itself is used to document how each strain makes you feel as you try and stumble through the complex world of strains and administration methods. It helps you to journal what you have tried and remember what worked and helps you to select new strains that have worked for others. What it also does is compiles a massive data set using your information and others to help guide research into strains and specific conditions. The data is anonymous and encrypted.

We are standing at the brink of a tsunami of information about cannabis and its benefits and anything we can do as a community to help guide research will only improve understanding and help us all get the help we need.

You do get rewards points for your surveys as well. They aren’t just taking your info and selling it to corporations without giving you anything. If you think that’s not enough, I will point out they have a Community Forum so you can reach out to others who are going through the same things as you.

This is how they describe it:

Personally I feel it is part of my duty as a scientist and a member of the cannabis community to add my experiences into this data set. It will help improve my own conditions and countless others. Every article I read says the same thing. We need more data. So lets all ban together and give it to them.

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