Much ado about *almost* nothing: Ontario Cannabis Store now sells edibles

Big news today. If you haven’t heard the Ontario Cannabis Store has released new products as of 9am this morning. This big news is annoyingly anticlimactic. Personally I didn’t have high hopes from the start but I was dismayed to find that despite the news that topicals would be available today, they are not. Really guys. Get the press release right. This, of course, is not what most people are after. It’s the release of edibles.

There are 21 products released under the edibles category. Three hours in and most of these are already out of stock. You can still peruse them by clicking on the “show out of stock items” button.

I’ll admit some of them sound tasty but they are very low dose across the board and therefore quite expensive for what you’re getting.

What I find most bizarre about edibles is the hysteria around them. Everyone is so curious to try them for themselves, which is fair, except that you get the same effect from a softgel capsule. It is ingested, therefore the onset is lengthy but so is the accompanying high. You can get 15 pills for the price of 2 cookies. If you want to pay another $5 you can get 15 pills that each have the potency of consuming both those cookies, or gummies or whatever. These can also go awry so tread lightly. For example:

I was at a Christmas party and we each took one capsule. Having already tested them I was sure one was enough. After a few hours with little effect we decided to take a second. Later they kicked in:

That moment you realize the edibles have kicked in and that second dose is on its way through your system.

No, I did not give THC to the cat. I do assure you that they pack a hefty punch though and should be taken with the same precautions as an edible.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still going to buy some chocolate when it’s back in stock. I’m just saying gelcaps are way more bang for your buck. They are even more discrete than an edible and you can carry them in a tiny pill container like you might do with any medication you take. Go for a sativa or a blend if it’s for fun. Indica will likely make you sleepy or couchlocked.

The other release today was in concentrates. This is exclusively in the oils and sprays category. You can not use any of these products in a vape pen so don’t try. No surprise there. If you are using cannabis for pain it’s great. If you were looking for kief, shatter or the like you’ll have to wait just like the topicals.

Photo from the Ontario cannabis store website. I did link it to the info page this brings up so just click on the photo if you’re interested.

A lot of these hold ups are due to packaging and quantity restrictions. The amount per package that the government wants to release will once again be very low meaning a lot of excess waste. In the case of ready to consume products I understand this. However, I’m still unclear as to why the packaging on flower needs to be so ridiculous. You can’t just eat a bit and get high. It doesn’t work like that. You have to smoke it or decarboxilate it first. I assure you if your kid is old enough to know that then they’re certainly old enough to figure out how to open a childproof jar. If they’re not it’s like the equivalent of them eating the jar of oregano. It’s just super weird and unpalatable and will have no intoxicating effects. So, you know, keep it in the cupboard where your toddler can’t get into it. If your 8 year old is mowing down in the herb cupboard go get them tested – you’ve got a bigger problem on your hands. Good luck with that one.

Curious to learn more about Edibles? I did a post on that too:

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