V-Day Protips


Even if you’ve agreed with your significant other not to exchange gifts, make a little hand made card or write a sweet little note. I don’t care if she/he/they said “I don’t want anything”. This small simple gesture between partners helps keep relationships strong. You don’t need to have money or physical things. Valentines day is about love. Make sure your partner knows you care.


Whether its cannabis or traditional flowers, this is my best retail tip for everyone.


I came across this lovely article from leafly.com:

It has some wonderful suggestions starting from first dates to your golden years as well as strains for the break-up blues. If you’re looking to branch out from your usual products this is an amazingly well thought out list. You still have time to get them for Valentines day if you order online from the Ontario Cannabis Store today. If you’re in the city you can actually pay for same day delivery that will get delivered directly to your door that evening (as long as you order before noon ). If you’ve never tried out this feature or next day delivery it’s actually one of the most useful delivery systems I have ever encountered.

Delivery is in the evenings between 5 and 10PM. You receive a message letting you know it is on its way, another an hour beforehand so you know exactly when to be home with your ID ready and then a 5 min notification before they’re at the door. This gives anyone with limited mobility time to actually be ready and near the door (everybody breathe a collective sigh of relief). The Ontario Cannabis store gets a lot of guff but I can’t express how much more relaxed I am knowing exactly when it will be arriving and not worrying about trying to answer a sudden buzzer.

Traditional Flowers

As far as traditional flowers are concerned, I can not stress pre-ordering enough. As a florist, I can assure you that coming in on Valentines day and saying you want a really nice bouquet made up is a bad move. It is the second busiest day of the year (after mothers day) and you will most likely be ushered towards the pre-made bouquets because it is unlikely we will have the time to accommodate you, especially if you have very specific tastes or needs. No, your preordered bouquet will not be made with older flowers than the ones you get on Valentines day itself. Flowers need to be prepped after shipping and there are a lot of steps before you buy them. I assure you no one got up and prepped all the flowers needed for valentines day that morning. It has been days of prep work to get the store and flowers exactly as they need to be – cleaned, trimmed and properly hydrated – on the big day. With that in mind, trust that we will select the best of the best for your preordered bouquet. You will get far more time and effort put towards your special day. If you do forget and you have to pull a same day manoeuvre I suggest a small bribe of coffee or cookies to get on your florist’s good side. Seriously. I’m perking up just thinking about a wonderful little surprise like that.


Not in a relationship? Don’t WANT a valentines day date? I hear you. I’ve been there. What I suggest is that you do you. Seriously, go do what you want to do, eat what you want to eat and forget about all the rest. One day you’ll find someone that will absolutely love to do the the same things as you or eat the same food, or alternatively they are happy to let you have part of the day as “me time” because you deserve it and so do they. Go embrace yourself and follow your favourite pleasures, who knows who you might meet on the way.

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