Itttttt’sss Groundhog Day!

It sure is. The predictions? Well its pretty split in Canada. Apparently our groundhogs don’t agree. Very clever guys. Follow in the footsteps of so many weather predictors before you and keep it vague. In case you’re not sure how it works … if it’s a nice sunny day then the groundhog sees its shadow and runs back in its burrow. Six more weeks of winter. Overcast and snowy? No shadow! Surely this inclement weather means spring is just around the corner. Personally, I tend to hibernate when its crappy out but I guess there’s no reasoning with rodent weather lore.

It’s a rather special palindrome day today too. Did you notice? 02/02/2020. Hindsight is 2020 folks and Bill Murray gets a big fat taste of what its like to try and fix his mistakes over, and over and over again on 02/02.

Exactly how many days was he trapped in Punxatawny? Originally it was stated as 8-10 years, but upon closer inspection of the skills he mastered over the course of the movie a more realistic estimation is 33 years, 350 days.

Say What? Where did they get that number? Well if you’re curious here is a link to a very lengthy article from describing exactly how someone estimated that oddly specific number of days:

It makes his struggles in the movie all the more relatable. Who wouldn’t go nuts?

First of all, that’s as brilliant as the movie itself.

Secondly, I love this scene. How fitting that today also happens to be Super Bowl Sunday and tables everywhere will be laden with a smorgasbord that Phil Connors would happily take on. What’s on your table?

Ok so the Hello Kitty tentacle snack I found in Japan. I’ve never seen them here so that might be a though one to rustle up. Munchie boxes are a Scottish thing and I can’t think of a more fitting meal for a day like today. Sit back, relax, get stoned and eat your heart out.

Unfortunately due to the limited availability of Munchie Boxes in Canada we will have to settle for Chilli Cheese Dogs and Dorito Nacho Supreme. #Ineedasalad

We might need a pizza too.

Whatever you choose, enjoy the game, or at least the halftime show and the commercials. Word on the street is Bill Murray will be staring in one this year. Groundhog Day spoof? I’m in! I could do a little dance …

Wait, this is from a DIFFERENT movie starring Bill Murray and an oversized rodent?

Don’t let little things like Groundhogs, Gophers or Games get the best of you. It’ll drive you crazy. Just ask Phil and Phil.

Very Thelma and Louise guys.

Instead focus on the good things. Family, friends and most importantly, food.

Good luck [insert your team name here]! And now, without further ado:

What? We’re watching FOOTBALL? Crap. Someone pass me the bong. I’m going to need to pack a Super Bowl to get through this one.

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