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“Katie, it’s Sunday” I hear you say. Not for me. Florists work weekends (it’s when weddings happen). This is my Friday night. Time to kick back, relax and enjoy the late afternoon. What better way to do that then enjoying some tunes?

I thought I’d get a little more interactive and share some regular funsies with you. This is a blog afterall. Let’s not get too serious.

So without further ado … today’s top 420 music video pick selected by the handsome and mysterious VJ Coco. Enjoy 🙂

Snip Snip aka The Big Day

Is today the day? Now that you’ve been keeping a close eye on your plants, you’ve got to plan your trim. Different strains will usually be ready at different times but this can also vary from plant to plant of the same strain.

“Oh no Katie! Some of my buds look perfect but the other ones aren’t there yet!” You say. That’s okay. There is no law that says you have to harvest your whole plant in one go. Buds that started earlier can mature earlier as well. If you want to just trim those off and leave the rest of the plant to continue maturing it’s fine. In fact it’s a nice practice day if youve never done this before.

“This website says one thing but this other has totally different instructions!” Yep. This stuff is not set in stone. If Luna420butterflychild likes harvesting at the full moon it doesn’t mean you need to too. Its just like, her opinion, man. Choose whichever method feels right for you or simply fits into your schedule. There are lots of videos out there on the internet to watch. Poke around and get a good visual by watching a few other people do it then plan your attack.

As usual I have an article here. Once again thank you leafy.com

I was hoping to have more for this post BUT duty calls and I’ve been slammed at work. This means if today is not the day you’re in luck. You can just do some base research and make sure you’ve collected everything for the big day and then wait with giddy expectation for my next post. I know this post might seem a bit rushed but I wanted to make sure you got the info before it was too late. If I have to write while shovelling in breakfast then it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

As a personal preference though … a 9×13 Pyrex casserole dish is a great tray.


I just came across this article from leafbuyer.com

I will continue to add things to my posts as I come across relevant articles or videos.

Harvest time?

It’s that time of year. Harvest time aka croptober. If you’ve been growing outdoors harvest time approaches. I’ve located two great articles on the subject, both from leafly.com.

If you have been using synthetic nutrients it is very important to flush your plants before harvest. The general consensus is that you should stop adding nutrients 2 weeks prior to harvesting if growing in soil. If you use organic living earth methods (like I do) this isn’t anything you need to worry about.

But what exactly do you do and when do you know when to start flushing? Much like picking the time to harvest itself, this is indicated by the trichomes. So without further ado … Article #1:

Alrighty then. Phase one. Check. Moving on to phase two.

Need a bit of a visual? Luckily I have an electronic microscope.

Looking frosty
Some trichomes turning amber.

Until next time. Happy harvesting 🙂

Cannabis and Premature Ejaculation in Rats.

Yeah. I see you staring at the screen blankly. I too stared at my book in stunned disbelief as I read.

This is the except that got me:

“Premature ejaculation in men is conventionally perceived as ‘psychological’. This seems less tenable when anecdotes support the claim that cannabis prolongs latency (time interval) and proof is apparent in the dose responsive delay in ejaculation of rats …”

[Ditchfield J, Thomas M, “The Medical Cannabis Guidebook”, P.G.W (2014); 77]

I get it. Lab rats are used to test things. What I want to know is:

  1. What poor grad student walked into their first day at their amazing new job to discover that they would then be, I can only assume, jacking off rats for the summer?
  2. How exactly does one determine if the rats ejaculation is premature? Maybe I’m wrong about the grad students job. Maybe it’s more of a voyeur position and you just watch the rats get busy and then see how satisfied the lady rats look.
  3. Where can I get my hands on this document. I’m curiously baffled.

If you need me I’ll be digging through papers buried deep in the stacks of a library somewhere. It’s been a long time since I have sat in the silence of the deep tombs of a science library. The paper in question?

Ferrari F, Ottani A, Giuliani D., “Inhibitory effects of the cannabiniod agonist HU 210 on rat sexual behaviour”, Physiology and Behaviour 69 (2000); 547-554

Its probably online somewhere …

There’s an app for that

Yep. Now … why are you promoting an app Katie? Well as it happens I just came across it via Twitter and upon inspection I think it’s a great idea. It’s free, it didn’t take up very much space on my phone and it is incredibly informative.

There are so many products available and for the first time for some of us we really get to choose which strain we want and the type of high we’re looking for. Looking at some other sites can give you an idea, but this breaks it all down for you. You can choose by your administration method: flower, pre-rolled joints, capsules or oils. You can search by the type of activity you are planning on doing. There are suggestions for hiking, gardening, meditating, date night (wink wink) or movie night. You can then peruse suggestions from a variety of different companies available in your province. Though you can’t order via the app, you can certainly get a much better idea of what you’re after, or what you already have. There is even a function that allows you to scan the packaging you already have in your home so you can look up what others think of products you already have. Handy.

Once you look at a specific product it gives you a breakdown of the expected THC and CBD%, as well as the type of experience you might expect (energentic, relaxed, etc). It gives you reviews from other users of the product as well as an estimate about the onset timing of the high and the duration. You can save your favorites and add your own reviews. Its basically a journal of your preferred products that allows you to choose your next fav or repeat a past experience while helping you and your bud tender guide you to your perfect dosing and administration method.

I for one will continue to play around with it. Though I prefer my own home grown organic bud, I am certainly willing to dive into this bizarre world of options so I can happily purchase my next new favorite seeds to grow.

Until next time, I remain your ever enthusiastic researcher.

I don’t know how to insert the button that will take you right to this at the moment. I’m working on it. Go to the app store or google play …

Rain. What a B*tch.

For those of you who ache in the rain, my heart truly goes out to you.

Normally I love the rain. I collect it in a pail and flit around my house making sure my plants all get plenty of nature’s bounty while it’s available. I like following the weather patterns because the atmosphere changes so surely my plants know it’s time too. Plants focus on different functions depending on light levels so I like to ensure they get what they want when they need it.

When you’re warned that a broken bone will ache when it rains in your mind (or mine at least) you think ok, it’ll be a bit worse today. I can handle that. It’s healing well. That is until you get full on b*tch slapped back to the couch because as it turns out “aches when it rains” means I might as well have broken my toe yesterday. I can not imagine this happening to me every time the weather shifts. For everyone out there who faces this reality I hope you’ve found a nice comfy place to curl up with a hot drink and a little herbal remedy to help ease the pain.

Stretch time

It’s midday on Friday. TGIF Right? Wahoo! I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you’re probably still working until the end of the day. So take a moment … and stretch. For all of you weekend workers I see you too. I’m a florist. Midday on Friday is smack in the middle of the work week and my busiest day (most weddings are Saturday, gotta push through all that work). This is for you too.

Sounds lovely Katie … but I’m at a desk. No worries. I’ve got you covered.

A small amount of “me” time makes a world of difference to your day. Get up, get a coffee or tea and don’t forget to stretch. You got this.

Rose Blunts

Wait What? Yes you are reading that right.

Before you read this article I would urge you to find someone who grows roses. Most florists do not carry organic roses and you do not want to smoke the pesticides commercial growers use on their crops. However … isn’t she lovely?

The florist in me is in love. Unfortunately the lungs in me will have a hissy fit so I should probably just stick to edibles. Perhaps I should try and make one anyway. For a friend … I mean how else can I really put in my two cents on the subject, right?

I’m SO excited!!!

EEEeeep! Look what I found today! I will continue to compile my own set of articles as well but here are 700 for you to look through while you wait for my hand picked favs on each condition. (Yes I will go through ALL of these too …)

A massive thank you to CannaWorld @cannaworldsite for the tweet and link to the Your Health Gardian (http://yourhealthguardian.com/) article below:


If I could, I’d be running circles around the house right now. I’m so excited. In the meantime I’ll be bubbling with energy on the couch with my foot elevated as I glare at it. Soon. It’s getting better.

Seriously guys. I’m going to have to call someone to tell them before I burst.

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